Charter Bus Prices: How to Calculate Your Wichita Bus Rental Costs

We understand that booking a charter bus rental in Wichita can be intimidating if you’ve never booked a bus before. Especially when it comes to figuring out how much renting a charter bus will cost. Keep on reading to learn more about typical rental rates, important pricing factors, and trip examples.

Bus Type Per Hour Per Day Per Mile
Charter Bus $160 – $230 $1,620 – $2,100 $5.75 – $7.20
Minibus $145 – $200 $1,500 – $1,920 $5.00 – $7.00

**The prices listed above are estimates and do not reflect the exact cost of your Wichita charter bus. Pricing is influenced by seasonality, availability, and other factors outlined in the paragraph below. A five-hour minimum is required for hourly rentals, and daily rentals may be subjected to extra charges for mile overages. 

Wichita Charter Bus Pricing Factors

The cost of most trips will be determined by the hour, with a five-hour minimum for all rentals. Long-distance or multi-day trips may be charged by the day or by mile. When you call (316) 669-7260, one of our representatives will gather your trip details and generate a personalized quote based on this information.

Here are just a few of the important factors that we’ll take into consideration when pricing your Wichita charter bus:

  • Travel dates: It's typically more expensive to travel during peak travel seasons like summer and around major holidays. Typically, your charter bus rental will cost more when you book during these times.
  • Travel duration and distance: Short, local trips will cost less than long-distance or multi-day trips.
  • Destinations: Having multiple stops on your itinerary or traveling to destinations outside of Wichita can impact the cost of your charter bus.
  • Size of your group: The number of passengers in your group will determine the type of bus you book and how many rentals you’ll need.
  • Booking time: Reserving your bus as far in advance as possible will help you get the best rate, especially if you're traveling in a busy season like summer.

What’s Included in Your Wichita Charter Bus Rental Cost

  • The hourly or daily cost of your rental
  • Pay for your professional driver
  • Fuel
  • Full coverage insurance

What’s NOT Included in Your Wichita Charter Bus Rental Cost

  • Parking and tolls outside of our control
  • Lodging for your driver during multi-day trips
  • Tips for your driver (Tips are not required but a tip of 5-10% of the total cost of your trip is a great way to show your appreciation.)

Here are a few example itineraries and how we’d determine the cost of transportation for each trip!

Students feeding giraffes at a zoo

The School Field Trip to Sedgwick County Zoo

A Wichita elementary school is planning an educational day at the beloved Sedgwick County Zoo. The field trip group is made up of multiple fifth-grade classes totaling 59 students and 7 chaperones. The school decides to opt to book a charter bus rental service to keep students and chaperones extra comfortable on the road.

To give everyone a spacious ride, the school requests 2 full-size charter bus rentals. The school group plans to be picked up at 9:00 AM and plans to return to school at 3:00 PM. A school representative calls our rental team and is quoted $2,040 for two buses ($170/hr x 6 hours x 2 buses.) At the end of the trip, each driver is tipped $100 for their hard work of keeping kids safe on the roads.

The estimated trip total will be $2,240.

The Wedding Shuttles Service to Petroleum Club

Blair and Terry are getting married at the end of the year and have a large number of guests coming from out of town for the big day. The couple wants to provide a convenient wedding shuttle to pick up guests at local hotels and transport them to the venue, Petroleum Club. The out-of-town guest list includes 22 people staying at hotels across Downtown Wichita. Blair and Terry request a minibus shuttle to transport their out-of-town guests to and from the venue. Guests will be picked up at 4:30 PM for an evening ceremony and the shuttle service will be used to transport guests to and from the venue after the reception ends around 9:30 PM. The couple is quoted $750 to rent a 25-passenger minibus rental for 5 hours. At the end of the wedding, their charter bus driver is tipped $70 for their hard work.

The estimated trip cost will be $820.

Businesspeople clapping at a convention

The Corporate Shuttles to the Century II Convention Center

A team of corporate event planners is organizing a big conference at the Century II Convention Center. To make attendee arrival and departure as smooth as possible, the planners decide to organize a shuttle service to and from local business hotels and office spaces. The planners want to have 4 shuttle routes throughout the Downtown Wichita area and request full-size charter bus rentals for the convention. The convention is scheduled to run all day and shuttle services should run from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. The convention planners are quoted $7,600 for 4 charter buses ($190/hr x 10 hours x 4 full-size charter buses.) Each of the 4 drivers is tipped $200 at the end of a long day.

The estimated trip total is $8,400.