Wedding Shuttle Bus Services in Wichita

Wedding Shuttle Bus Services in Wichita

Planning a wedding includes a long to-do list, including organizing transportation. Wichita Charter Bus Company can take care of guest transportation to and from your ceremony, bachelor and bachelorette party shuttles, and rides to any other wedding-related event. A wedding shuttle service can keep your special day running according to schedule by ensuring all of your guests have timely, simple transportation to and from your venue. Our team is available anytime at (316) 669-7260 to work with you to organize a Wichita shuttle service for your wedding or pre-wedding events!

Simple Shuttle Services for Wichita Weddings

If your wedding guest list includes many out-of-town visitors, consider booking a shuttle service to simplify everyone’s transportation. Rather than having to rent cars or deal with rideshare services around Wichita, your guests can utilize a convenient shuttle service. We can organize a shuttle to pick up your guests at Wichita Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport and shuttle them between local hotels and your wedding venue. With a shuttle, your guests won't have to worry about parking and navigating in an unfamiliar city. A professional charter bus driver will take care of all of your out-of-town guests’ transportation from start to finish. 

Transportation for Wichita Weddings of All Sizes

No matter the size of your guest list, Wichita Charter Bus Company can provide a shuttle service for all of your guests. If you need multiple full-size charter bus rentals for a large wedding at Eberly Farm, we’ll make sure each ride is sleek and spacious for all of your guests. You won’t have to deal with hectic parking situations with hundreds of guests. A shuttle can pick up your guests at designated locations, making arrival and departure as simple as possible. If you need transportation for a smaller wedding at Petroleum Club, we’ll organize a fleet of minibus shuttles to serve your guests. Our professional team will ensure your guests arrive in a timely manner for your big day!

Wichita Shuttle Bus Rentals for Bachelor/ette Parties

Having a private shuttle bus rental is the best way to keep your bachelor or bachelorette party safe all celebration long. You can skip needing to call rideshares between bars or designating a driver out of your group. With a shuttle bus rental from Wichita Charter Bus Company, your group will have a built-in DD for every stop on your celebration. Whether you’re planning a bar hop, spa day, or even an out-of-town trip to nearby cities, you'll have a dedicated ride to every location with a personal charter bus rental. Trust our professional team to keep your group of party-goers safe and comfortable during your last hurrah!

Book a Wedding Shuttle Bus Rental in Wichita

Wichita Charter Bus Company is committed to providing you with professional and stress-free transportation on your wedding day. If you have questions about our wedding shuttle services or about charter bus pricing, we’ll be here 24/7 to assist you. Give us a call at (316) 669-7260 whenever you’re ready to explore your wedding shuttle bus rental options!